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May 2023


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Shows on May 7th 2023
  • Sunday May 7th 09:45PM
  • Comedy Fight Club
  • "Comedy Fight Club is a Roast Battle show that has been pitting comedians against each other in NYC for over 7 years!Anything Goes, No Holds Barred, this is Comedy Fight Club!Comedians face off and say the meanest, most vicious things they can think of to each other, and then a panel of judges select a winner. The judges table is made up of experienced comedians from Comedy Central, Gas Digital Network, and more. But the most important judge of all is you, the audience! Audience applause counts for a vote towards determining the winner of the fightThis show will feature the finals of our Spring Tournament. We started with 16 of the best roasters in NYC, and we are down to the Final Four. They will compete for a chance to win the most prestigious prize in all of entertainment, The Comedy Fight Club Championship!Come on out and enjoy one of the most wild and unique shows you will ever see!"
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