Comedy Crew Presents - Laughs at Eastville

Location : Eastville Comedy Club, 487 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Comedy Crew Presents - Laughs at Eastville.

Whether you're in a cave, cage or coma we need you out of it! Get off the couch, get off the train, get off the subway or just get off and then head here. 
We're professionals trained in making you go hehehe, giggle, laugh, chuckle, snort. We snort too but it's usually off a mirror! I'm kidding, geez. . . 
Not coming to this show is self harm. Did I sell it good enough? I
want you to like me. Do you like me yet? I'm not toxic I swear. 


Matthew Broussard

Lindsay Theisen
Vishal Kalyanasundaram
Adiel Kay
John Franklin
Anthony Raemel Vines